TVW Walking Guides - Gainsborough to the Humber Estuary

A new set of walking guides for the Trent Valley Way between Gainsborough and the Humber Estuary are now available. Click on the right to download each one. Printed copies are also available to pick up for free at a number of locations in the area (council offices, Tourist Information Centres, riverside pubs etc).

The set of guides includes 9 separate walks of different lengths and take in the changing Trent landscape of the Trent as it flows north towards the Humber Estuary.  You can choose to do just one or all of them. The guides themselves include directions and an artistic map that is packed with interesting historical and environmental information about the area you are visiting. We do advise that you also take an OS map out with you, to help you keep to the route. OS sheets of each of the nine routes are also available by clicking here.

OnTrent would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who made a contribution to the development of the guides, no matter how small!  We worked with Saint Lawrence Academy in Scunthorpe and the Trent Vale Academy in Gainsborough, a whole variety of ecological and archaeological specialists and rambler groups to make the guides both informative and fun to read. Nicola Streeten completed the illustrations.

Funding for the guides in North Lincolnshire was provided by the Northern Lincolnshire RDPE LEADER (Rural Development Programme for England, which is jointly funded by Defra and the European Union).  In Nottinghamshire the guides were funded by the Trent Vale project.